How do I invite a user in to a room in Verji?

The one requirment for inviting a new user into a room, is that the user already is created in the admin rom.

For a guide on how to make a new user you can follow this guide: Create a new user

  1. Click on the room in the column on the left, and enter the room.
  2. Click the (i)-icon in the top right corner to access room settings.
  3. Click 'X people' to access the list of participants in the room.
  4. Click the green button on the top of that list ''Inviter til dette rommet''When inviting someone in to a room they must already be a user in Verji  
  5. Write the name of the person you are inviting into the room
  6. Click ''Invite''
  7. The user will become a participant in the room when they have accepted the room-invitation.

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