If you wish to delete a user, you'll have to contact Verji support.

Before you contact us, first make sure if there are any important information that must be saved, since once we recieve the notification, we'll permanently delete the account and everything content associated with it will be gone forever. 

The best way to contact Verji support is:

  1. Open up Verji, and click the the questionmark in the topright corner
  2. Click on the button that says "meld sak her"
  3. Now you must type in some information about the account you want deleted
    • Name and E-mail of the account that you want deleted
    • Why you want the account deleted
    • If you have gone through and saved everything imporant
    • What your own company name is
  4. Before you send the case in, verify again that to make sure everything that needs to be saved has been saved

    When all the above tasks have been done, you are now ready to send in the case

After the case has been received, we will start our review-process of the current account. This will result in one of two possible outcomes:

  1. If the account has connections to multible companys we will remove the connection between the account and your company
  2. If the account is only connected to your own company, we will delete the account completely


Account removal, User deactivation, user removal