After an update of web browsers, downloading files in Verji is automatically blocked.
This is a web browser issue, but it has not been made very visible to the users.

Be aware that you may trigger this blocking by repeatedly clicking the download-button on a file in Verji. This makes Verji start the decryption of the file several times, and tries to save the file multiple times.


In Chrome there will be an icon in the address bar with a download-arow, and a red cross.

When you click this icon, it opens a window regarding downloads. Click Manage.

Add under Allowed to automatically download multiple files.


In Edge you will find an icon in the top right corner, next to your profile name.

Click Save to open/save file.

To approve everything that is downloaded in Verji, open the link 

Click Exceptions, and Add a website, write


Blocked files download