Verji supports what is called markdown to format text.

This gives you the opportunity to send text with a more professional look.

For a video guide look under(The video is currently only in norwegian) for a written guide look under here


The format for links built into words in text '[text to be shown](Internet link)`'

Links in words


The format for italic text is '*text you want in italic*'


The format for bold text is '**text you want bold**'


The format for strikethrough is '<del>strikethrough</del>' 


The format for headlines is '# Headline' , it is important to note that you need to put a space after the '#'-symbol.

It is possible to have six levels of headlines by using additional '#'-symbols. For example '## Headline 2'.


The format to add a horizontal line in your text is three hyphens, with no spaces '---'.


The format for a bulletpoint list is '- List'.

The format for a nubered list is '1. List'.

Different levels

To get subpoints in a list, use two spaces before the list text '  - List'.

Tip: When there are lists on different levels/subpoints, it is easy to miss the number of spaces to use, but remember you can edit your text to make it how you want it.


The format for quoting a block of text is the '>'-symbol, and you can make several levels by using multiple '>>'.


The code format means the text in this formatting will appear exactly as written. This can be useful when sending things like password, og other messages where accuracy is important.


Inline code formatting is used when only a portion of the text is critical.

This might for instance be a username and password.


 Bruker: \` Ola Normann \`

 Passord: \` z2&@R}G~ \`

Will be shown as:

 Bruker: ` Ola Normann `

 Passord: ` z2&@R}G~ `


To mark a whole block of text as code, you use ` ``` `  in the start and the end of the block.


Markdown formatted messages advanced proffesional layout