1. Click on your name in the top left corner.
  2. Click 'All Settings'.


Display Name

Your display name is the name other users will see you as in Verji. It will automatically create your name as the name provided in your invitation. You may have several middle names, or prefer a shortened version of your name.

You can change your display name from 'Lars Erling Hansen Rosberg' to 'Lars Rosberg'.

Changing your display name will not effect any other functions in Verji. 

How to change your display name

  • Click the box with your display name.
  • Remove the name already in there, and write in the display name you want to use.
  • Click the green 'Save'-button.


Your username was created when your contact invited you in to Verji for the first time.

This username can not be changed. Your username is in blue writing just below your display name, and will look like this:

If you are asked for your username, or user-ID, this is the name they are asking for.


To the right of your display name you will see a circle where you can upload your profilepicture.

When your user is created in Verji, you will be assigned a coloured circle with the first letter of your name as your profilepicture. This can be changed to your personal profilepicture. This makes it easier and quicker for your contacts to identify you in the contactlist.

How to change your profilepicture:

  • Click the circle to the right of your display name
  • Select a picture from your files, and upload
  • Click the green 'Save'-button

Language and region

Here you can change you language to something else

  1. click on the box under languages and region
  2. Then chose your prefered language

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