We recommend that you check the following:

1. Is the e-mail in your junk e-mail/spamfolder?

  1. Sender: service@verji.com
  2. Subject "Name has invited you to have a conversation in the secure communication platform Verji"
  3. We recommend that you add this sender as an authenticated contact to prevent this happening in the future
  4. If the invitation is not in your junk e-mail, please check if the sender has invited you with your correct e-mail address

2. Has your e-mail server blocked e-mails from senders that contain service@

  1. Unblock service@verji.com
  2. If the sender has invited you with the correct e-mail address, contact Verji support at support@verji.com, or call 90532454, and press 3 for Support.


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