Verji-users can be participants as a 'People' and in 'Rooms'.


Your customer may have a new general manager and you want to give access to the new manager, and stop access to the previous CEO.

You may have storage-worthy information that you need to save, but the user should no longer have access.

It is then important to remember that the user can be a participant as a Person and in Rooms.

Remove user from a room

You can then invite a new user who will have further communication with you from this company.

Remove user from People

The person will be listed as (was+person name).

You can now put this personal contact on Low Priority if you have storage-worthy information that you need to save.

If not, you can leave the room and it will be listed as Historical.

NB! Abandoned rooms cannot be entered unless you are invited by the other participant.

If there is no informationin the room you need to save, you can choose Forget Rooms.


Remove people room substitute summervikar new CEO ceo chairman owner employee switch replace swap exchage