Unable to decrypt

Submit your case to the Verji support team by pressing "? "button in the top right corner and then press "Report here". This will then create a case that we can follow up on. 

The case you report to us should include:

  • What was the last action you took before the problem arose?
  • When did you experience the problem?
  • Are you affiliated with an ASP provider or another server provider?
  • Which device(s) have you used to log in to Verji (PC, MAC, mobile, tablet)?
  • Have you visited Verji with several devices at the same time or changed locations?
  • What browser have you used?
  • Do you have security software installed on your device, such as antivirus or similar?

The solution to the unable-to-decrypt problem can be complex and we are in some cases dependent on background information to determine whether the error lies with the sender or receiver, as we do not have the right of access to the encrypted rooms. In most cases, it will solve the problem on pc / MAC if you:

  1. Sign out of Verji in your browser
  2. Close your browser completely and open it again.
  3. Sign in https://prod.verji.app
  4. Once logged in, the application will automatically request the encryption keys


For mobile or tablet, the problem will be solved if you:

  1. Log in to Verji on PC or MAC via https://prod.verji.app first.  (We are currently working on resolving this)
  2. Once logged in, the application will automatically create a store for encryption keys



Another factor may be that your cell phone may have on blocking to automatically create encryption key store. It is then important that:

  1. You log out of the mobile app and wait for encryption keys to finish updating
  2. Then close the app completely and reopen it
  3. Sign in and the app will now use the new encryption keys


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