Unable to decrypt

If you have this problem, you would need to send in a support case to us by pressing the "?"-button in the top-right corner and then press the "Meld sak her"-button. This will generate a support ticket that we can follow up on.

The following information will be needed:

  1. What was the last ting you did before the problem occurred?
  2. When did the problem occur?
  3. Are you using an ASP or a different type of server-provider solution?
  4. What kind of devices have you been using with Verji and/or what web-browser you are currently using?

Possible reasons why messages cannot be decrypted, which most often happens to those who activate their user on a mobilephone, are:

  • If messages are sent to you before you were actually invited.
  • You may have been logged in on multiple devices and have not been given a shared encryption key between your devices yet.
  • That you have not logged in via a PC/MAC first, thus an encryption key store hasn't yet been created. We are currently working on resolving this issue.


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