To create a Vipps registration link, you must:

  1. Open up Verji
  2. Click your name in the upper left corner
  3. In the dropdown menu click on "portal"
  4. Click on "company" at the far left of the screen
  5. Then click on "registrations"
  6. Click on "new registrations link"
  7. Now you'll see a window with 4 choices
    1. The first choice is what name the link should have in the portal, so you can know what it does
    2. The second choice is who will own the link, as the general manager you can choose the link owner. Normal employees may only select themselves.
    3. The third choice is what type of link it should be. Here you have two choices, Person and Company
      1. Person is used when making a link aimed at a private client 
      2. Company is used when making a link aimed at another company
    4. The last choice is whether or not the link should have auto approval.
      1. If auto apporval is on, the first user to sign up with the link will be automatically approved
      2. If auto approval is turned off, you must manually approve all
  8. Click on "Create" and the link will now be generated
  9. The link is ready to use.
  10. To use it, you need to click on "copy link", you can then send the link to those you want to talk to in Verji.
  11. As people start signing up with the link, they need to be let in.
  12. You do this in the same menu that you created the registration link.
  13. Click on "registrations"
  14. Also, you will bring up all users who have registered with the link
  15. Then click "approve" to allow user into Verji



Generate a Vipps registration link