What can you do in Invitations

  • See who you've invited
  • See the status of the activation process for the invited user
  • Update and Re-invite the user


How to see who you've invited

To see who you have invited, you need to click on "Invitations". Then a list will appear with everyone you've sent invitations, the status of the invitation, and the ability to update the invitation.


All the types of statuses an invitation can have

When you look at all your invitations, you'll see that there are a couple of different types of colors. There are 3 types of colors:

The first is green, and it means that the user has completed the activation of Verji and can use it


Yellow color code means that the invitation has been sent out to the user but has not completed activation.

Red color code means that the user has started the activation process but has not completed it.


How to re-send an invitation

  1. Under "Invitations", you can see the status of your created users
  2. If the user has not activated, tap the square to the right of the user
  3. You can edit the email address, mobile number, and welcome message included in the invitation if desired
  4. Check user role
  5. Press "re-invite"
  6. The user has now received a new invitation to their e-mail from the sender noreply@rosberg.com

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