Unfortunately, we currently do not support direct printing of a selected message in this version of Verji. This will come in a future update of Verji.

Currently the only way to print out something from the chatlog in Verji is by doing it manually.

Different options for printing logs:

  1. Copy to an external word processing software 
    a. Highlight the text you want to print
    b. Press ctrl+c (or select "copy")
    c. Open a word prosessing software (for example Office Word)
    d. Press ctrl+v (or select "paste")

  2. Export logs from the room and print
    a. Select the room you are exporting from
    b. Press the i icon at the top right of the screen
    c. Press "export chat" (we recomend html)
    d. Open the file "messages"
    e. Select the text you would like to print
    f. Press ctrl+p (or rightclick and press "print")
    In print options, select "Print selected area"

  3. Do not print. Create an encryptet shortcut to the message or attachment to other work related systems.
    a. Integration - link til Verji messages and attachments

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