F-Secure blocks the Verji domains and will also block incoming Verji-linked emails.

To solve this, Verji's domains need to be whitelisted so that they are no longer blocked.


The domain that needs to be whitelisted in F-secure is: prod.verji.app

Follow the instructions below to whitelist the domains


  1. Boot F-Secure Internet security
  2. Click on the 3 lines in the upper left corner, then click settings
  3. Then you need to give admin access to the program
  4. Click Secure Browsing
  5. Then click view site exceptions
  6. Click add new 
  7. Enter the prod.verji.app in the window that comes up
  8. Click Ok


Now Verji is whitelisted on your machine and it should be possible to log in to Verji.




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