In some cases, business related softwares will create folders with multiple files, which are compressed to a .zip-file format.

These folders may be very large in size if the files are saved as 'pictures' of the documents, instead of text.

This could be a document that is scanned from a printer in to a business related program, which would save it as a picture, or as a picture attached to an invoice.

Example of a file saved as text, and as a picture. The content is identical:

This can be solved in a few different ways

  1. The best way is to make your business related program to create documents as pure text.
    The document will be the same, but the size of the file is much smaller.
    You can normally make this change under Setting for exporting data.
    You may need a person with admin-rights to the program to make the change.
    In some cases the change has to be made by the support staff for the particular program.

  2. As an alternative you can use multipart files. You can do this with other compressing tools than the one who comes with Windows.

                For instance:


File is bigger then 100MB can't upload file compressed