To add Vipps login to an existing user, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your user
  3. Click your name in the upper-left corner
  4. In the dropdown menu click on "manage account"
  5. Click on "login"
  6. Click "connect" next to the Vipps-logo
  7. You will get a Vipps-login on the screen
  8. Enter your phone number
  9. Compare the icon on your computer screen with what's showing in your Vipps-app
  10. Your account should now be connected to Vipps

You can now use Vipps as your main login the next time you log in with your Verji user.

To remove the Vipps connection follow this guide here

How to remove Vipps login from my account



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