When you login to the Verji app you also get logged into Verji on your browser

So you have to log out on your browser aswell as your phone app to properly logout 

  1. First you have to open your standard browser
  2. Go to your search bar, Type in and search: prod.verji.app
  3. You might get logged inn to your account and if this happends you have to logout
    1. To logout in the phonebrowser you have to Tap your picture in the top left
    2. Tap the logout button
  4. close down the browser and open up the Verji app
  5. For Android
    1. Tap the 3 lines in the topleft corner
    2. Tap the logout button on all the way at the bottom
  6. For iOS
    1. Tap your profile picture
    2. Tap "settings" 
    3. Tap the logout button all the way at the top
  7. You are now able to login to a different account