1. Go to your administration room (e.g. Company Name AS 112233445 Administration)
    (Type "administration" in the filter field at the top left in Verji).
  2. You will see an invitation widget as shown here.
  3. Enter the email address of the contact you want to invite.
    It is important that this is correct, as the invitation email will be sent to this address.
  4. Enter the contact's full name, both first and last name.
    This is used to create a unique username in Verji.
    Other affiliations such as company, etc. should not be entered here.
  5. Enter the contact's mobile number.
    This is optional, but we strongly recommend entering it, as it is a secure way to authenticate the user.
  6. Choose whether the user should receive an SMS with an authentication code in addition to email.
    We strongly recommend that this be turned on for all contacts as it is part of a secure authentication process.
  7. You can also add a welcome message that the invited user will see in the invitation email.
    Do not write anything sensitive here as it will be sent unencrypted to the recipient.
    An example of a non-sensitive message could be "We will now use Verji to communicate encrypted in accordance with GDPR legislation."
  8. Press the Create button when you have double-checked that everything is correct.

Response from the invitation app

You should immediately receive a message from Verji CompanyBot saying "Processing, please wait...", followed by a series of status messages that you need to keep track of, as follows:

  • Success
    Everything is in order, the user has been created and the invitation sent.

  • A user is already registered with email ...
    This user is already on the solution, a direct messaging room was created with this user.

  • UserId "olanormann" is already occupied.
    The username is taken. You must change something in the user's name, perhaps add or remove a middle name to make it unique. Remember that this will be the username, so it should be something sensible for the invited user to easily recognize the relevant users.

To give admin access to a user, you can follow the guide here: Change user level for invited user.